Former recordstore owner, label owner, DJ, composer and producer: C-Jay is an all rounder and currently signed to Bedrock and RePlug, next to hosting his own long running series of events called The Sessions. He enjoyed his first global release in 2004 under the wings of legendary producer Jaydee (Plastic Dreams) and the success of his early productions led to C-Jay releasing on a string of well known imprints like Armada, Iboga, Vapour and Baroque. The studio work led to C-Jay getting booked both domestically and internationally. Having shared DJ booths with almost every big name in the scene, C-Jay became an artist in his own right and found himself playing gigs in Poland, Romania, Holland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Jordan, Lebanon and the Ukraine among many others. The absolute pinnacle of any progressive artist is to sign to John Digweed´s seminal Bedrock label and this came true for C-Jay in 2016. He released his BackSlider LP to great acclaim, a stunning collection of deeper sounds drawing wonderful inspiration from the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and The Orb. This album was certainly a defining moment for C-Jay and saw his status unquestionably reach the next level. The album also got voted "ambient album of the year" in the Netherlands. The pressure was on to deliver a follow-up and his second album for Bedrock called 'Echoes' did not disappoint. Released as part of John´s triple CD album 'Signals' to celebrate 18 years of Bedrock, it saw C-Jay become firmly established as a Bedrock artist and the only artist ever to do 2 albums within one year on the label. This also led to several warm up and closing gigs alongside Digweed. His forthcoming artist album "Adem" is to be released late 2018 on RePlug records, the renowed imprint of Cid Inc.

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